Colors of Destiny

“Colors of Destiny” is an excerpt from “The Dragon and the Lion – Book Three of the Dukarian Legacy” by Dawn Ross.  Copyright 2011

Mirella may appear to be an ordinary girl, but she has a very special ability.  She can see an aura of colors around people.  She knows their characteristics and in some small way she can see their destiny.  Walk with Mirella through town as she observes the aura of a few ordinary people and compares them to the auras of three prominent characters in “The Dragon and the Lion”.

Whitish colors of magic surrounded a group of small children playing quietly in the corner of the city square.  White was the color Mirella usually saw in children, denoting their innocence and mostly undeveloped characteristics.  White was also seen in ignorant and naive adults who went about life without the slightest clue of the true nature of the things around them.  A different color of white was seen in those who were in love.  Mirella couldn’t describe the difference in the white auras but she could see the difference.  Her senses were so acute, she could even tell the sort of love the person felt.  There was the innocent love of youth, the love of a man and woman, parental love, friendship love, and so much more.

She could see it all.  She could even see peoples’ destinies, for often one’s characteristics defined their destiny.  A woman watching the children not only had the white aura for the love of those children, but she also had a shade of blue which conveyed her kind and considerate nature, and a lively orange aura which showed her to be a happy and generous woman.  Her destiny clearly showed she was never going to be anything more than a doting mother.

A tall, overweight man wearing the white apron of an innkeeper stood outside the White Mountain Inn and greeted those passing by.  Some might have mistaken his outwardly happy and polite appearance as his true nature, but Mirella could see otherwise.  His bright green aura was full of deceit and greed.  The green was touched with a shade of pink for his mean-spirited, though not necessarily evil, nature.  And a touch of purple alluded to his domineering personality.  This man’s aura also told Mirella he was going to find his riches, but his continued greed would cause him to lose it all.  He was destined to die a very unhappy man.

A different hue of purple which Mirella called plum denoted leadership, courage, and a strong character.  King Conal and King Lukas had carried this color along with brown and blue for intelligence, and orange for their warmth and generosity.  Tomis, too, carried this plum hue, though in a lighter shade for his youth and potential to be a leader.  It was not unusual to see such a color in a common person.  Simple people could be leaders in ways allowed to them by society.  They could be military leaders, community leaders, business leaders, and so on.  What was unusual with Tomis’ aura was its power.  Even though the plum was a light shade, it was powerful.  All his colors exerted an unearthly strength which Mirella could only ascribe to a great destiny.  Princess Lucina also had such an aura.  But since she was a princess and likely to be the eventual ruler of the upper kingdoms, it was to be expected.

Mirella could not account for Tomis’ aura, though.  He had many of the same colors as the Darmonian Kings, especially purple, brown, blue, and orange, but he also had yellow which sometimes implied sickness.  In his case, however, the combination of the bright multi-colors of magic told Mirella he had the power to cure illness.  Such a gift was rare and potentially dangerous, but Mirella held no fears of him.  His colors showed his general concern for others, and the white color showed he was a man who could love.

Mirella could easily see the youthful love he held for a woman and she even guessed who the woman was.  She could also see the love he had for his friend, the now King Domil, and his father-like companion, Reyker.  All these things she could see in Tomis, but she was overwhelmingly curious to know what the powerful aura truly meant.  She couldn’t help but to stare at him every time she saw him.

Mirella walked down the street to her aunt’s shop.  The colors of destiny dominated her sight.  Reds, yellows, greens, all the colors came to her from every direction.  But there was one color which stopped her short.  It was a color very rarely seen.  Only the most despicable and evil sort of person had it.

Black dominated a tall well-built soldier walking down the street the same direction as Mirella.  A group of soldiers followed at his heels.  Black was not only the color of true evil, but the color of death.  Mirella had no doubt this man was a Dark Disciple.  Dark and thick blood-red mingled with his black aura.  Red was often the color of fear or anger in many people, usually showing up temporarily during a time of danger or confrontation.  But this man’s shades of red were different.  There was a sanguine red which denoted violence and a cherry-red which represented sexuality.  This was not the normal sexuality of a man and woman, but a dark and sadistic lust which disturbed Mirella almost as much as the blackness of his aura.

Most frightening of all was the power of his aura.  This man, too, had a strong destiny.  Mirella immediately thought of Tomis and sensed danger.  She suppressed her disquieting thoughts and warily followed the dark man and his soldiers.

Even without the dark aura of this man, he stood out amongst the crowd.  He had normal hair, dark brown in color and worn in a ponytail.  But his face was anything but normal.  It was warped with scars.  Most of the scars Mirella suspected were caused by fire.  One particular scar ran across his right eyebrow and was as red as the cherry-red of his aura.

The dark man walked with purpose in the direction of the Pandia Springs fortress.  Mirella followed, trying to act leisurely in order to be overlooked amongst the throng of other people.  She doubted anyone would take notice of her, for no one ever did, but she did not want to take any chances.  Her intuition told her she had to know what this dangerous man was up to.

It wasn’t long before he confronted a guard at the fortress entrance.  Mirella was far enough behind to be overlooked and too far back to hear what was being said.  Colors of confidence spotted the dark man’s aura as the soldier directed a messenger inside.  Mirella, with her heart pounding wildly, casually brought herself closer.  She soon found herself to the side of the great fortress steps.  The soldiers could not see her where she stood but she could hear them now.  She pretended to rummage through her pouch whenever someone happened to go by, but in general, no one paid much attention to a young girl in common clothes.

The fortress doors were thrown open and the sound of someone walking out in haste heightened Mirella’s trepidation and curiosity.  Her mouth went dry and the blood seemed to drain from her head when she heard the voice of a woman she recognized.  This woman also had a strong aura of destiny, but her colors were very different from Tomis’ and Lucina’s.  There was a bit of white motherly love but it was tainted by green greed, red anger, and black death.  Even though it was only the strength of her aura that was similar to that of Tomis’ and Lucina’s, Mirella somehow knew that their destiny depended on this evil woman.

Author:  Dawn Ross, Copyright 2011

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