Why I Write
I have always had a vivid imagination. It started in my childhood where many aspects of my life were less than ideal. Real-life can sometimes be difficult and unfair. Fantasy and science fiction offer a wonderful escape with their exotic worlds. What I loved most though, were the heroes who strived to be the best people they could be despite all the hardships they faced. I also loved how they kicked the asses of those bad guys. It is my hope that even though my books are violent, that readers can see how they don’t have to get stuck in that same dysfunctional cycle they were born into. Good can prevail and those jerks who made the lives of others miserable will ultimately lose.

What I Write
My stories are about people who have dealt with difficulties in their life but overcame them in ways that make them better. My main characters can deal with bullies in a way that I never could. They stand up for what’s right and find a way to give evildoers their just deserts, and without resorting to their level to do it. My characters have flaws but they try to do the right thing and end up being heroes. Adventures abound and good friends are found along the way.

My Writing
I am an aspiring writer. I have taken several writing classes but mostly learn by research and by getting feedback from fellow writers and readers. My research includes reading fantasy and sci-fi novels and by reading non-fiction writing help books.

The first books I wrote were written more than twenty years ago. They are the three books from The Dukarian Legacy series. Though I had once self-published these books, I have since stopped selling them because I have learned so much more about writing since then and I feel those books don’t do justice to the quality of writing I do now. I am currently working on a fantasy-sci-fi (space opera) series called the Dragon Spawn Chronicles. You can read some of the earlier drafts of these books on my blog.

The Dragon Spawn Chronicles
This story began with an inspiring idea after watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Suddenly Human.” In it, a teenager struggles with his warrior-like heritage versus the practically utopian society of the Federation. I wanted something similar but different and so the character Jori was born. Unlike Jono, Jori wasn’t adopted. And unlike Jono’s adopted father, Jori’s father wasn’t a nice man. What would such a child really do when forced to reside on an enemy ship? How much trouble would he cause? And what if there was more to him than met the eye?

My Personal Life
I am married with two adopted children. My husband is a Chinese-American with a Ph.D. in mathematics. My youngest child was adopted from China when he was two years old. My oldest child was adopted from here in the US when she was sixteen years old, though she’d been living with us since she was fourteen. My husband and children are the best anyone could ask for. I can brag about them all day, but this is an autobiography. I have a degree in finance but I’ve been a homemaker for many years. When my youngest started going to school, I increased my volunteer hours and ended up getting hired by one on a part time basis.

Before I was a writer, I was an artist. I’ve always loved animals and nature and so that is–and continues to be–the subject of my art. You can view some of it at naturebydawn.com. Don’t purchase anything from there, though! It hasn’t been updated in quite a while and some of those pieces were damaged in a flood.

5 comments on “About

  1. Dawn,
    I just found your website and am enjoying learning more about you and your writing process. You have a lot of great content here, and I look forward to checking in to see how your novels progress.
    Be stellar!
    Matthew Cross
    P.S. The creation of your family and its growth to 5 members in of itself is a lovely and inspiring story. Thanks so much for sharing! ❤ ❤ ❤ MC

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