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Let’s explore an epic sci-fi series! And by epic, I mean EPIC. There are space battles, strange worlds, evolved humans, spaceships, space stations, and a cybernetic race bent on forcing everyone to “evolve” (though they don’t show up until book 3). At some point, there will also be aliens. My goal is to publish 1 book a year. Check out the books I have out so far.

StarFire Dragons: Book 1

The year is 3790. In the galactic region just beyond Cooperative territory lives a brutal warrior race. When a starship on a mission of science finds two warriors have crashed on a Cooperative planet, the crew is divided as to what to do. Principles, politics, and prejudice clash as more is discovered about these young warriors and their remarkable abilities. Commander J.D. Hapker, new and unsure of his position as second in command, risks both his career and his crew by taking charge of them. His struggle between what is right and what is necessary intensifies as every option threatens to ignite a war.

Dragon Emperor: Book 2

The mission is underway. The Dragon Emperor leads a battle in space while his warriors swarm the surface of a planet where a device that can be converted into a powerful weapon awaits. His plan to regain the supremacy lost by his father is progressing perfectly. One thing threatens it all—his ten-year-old son.

Though young, Jori promises to be the greatest Dragon Warrior in history. His fighting skills are already better than those of his older brother. He is profoundly intelligent, and he has other skills that even the emperor himself doesn’t have. His only weakness is his sentiment. As the emperor’s dream of dominance comes closer to fruition, Jori’s struggle between morality and familial duty threatens the course of many lives, including his own.

Dragon’s Fall: Book 3

The Dragon Emperor must reclaim the supremacy of his grandfather and destroy his enemies. After being betrayed by someone close to him, he calls upon a fanatical cybernetic race to complete the construction of a planet-killing weapon.

Prince Terkeshi’s burden of living up to his birthright is compounded by the loss of his little brother and his father’s escalating madness. He submits to cybernetic enhancements only to find there’s a cost that threatens his humanity. Will he live up to his father’s lofty expectations by becoming a merciless warrior or will he fight to go down another path?

Warrior Outcast: Book 4

After escaping his abusive father, the young warrior, Prince Jori, finds himself on a military spaceship belonging to his old enemies. His only allies are Commander J.D. Hapker and a new friend with an insidious agenda. As the ship’s crew suffers a series of mysterious deaths, Jori must prove his allegiance and expose the real enemy.

Warrior Outcast: Book Four of the Dragon Spawn Chronicles

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