7 comments on “Tips for Writing Mythical Creatures

    • I can try. When people think of a cyclops, they think of a humanoid creature. He is generally larger than people, and of course, he only has one eye instead of two. Many writers have made him dumber than people, slow-witted if you will. And many writers have also made him mean. Sometimes he even has sharpened teeth, great for eating animals (or people) whole. Remember the showing, not telling part of this post? How does your cyclops walk? The cyclops in the Iliad plucked sheep from a flock. He didn’t need to be a proficient hunter. So perhaps his gait was more bumbling. Perhaps he loped instead of walked. Maybe he walks a bit hunched over. Maybe he was so hunched over that his knuckles scraped the ground like an ape. Also as a part of telling, how does he talk? Does he speak clearly? Or because he lives in general isolation he mumbles to himself a lot. If he lives in isolation, does he have much need for clothes? Maybe he wears clothes to protect him from the cold, but if he lives in isolation the clothes don’t need to be pretty. If he has a fondness for sheep, such as the cyclops in the Iliad, perhaps his clothes are made of wool. If he lives in isolation, he probably doesn’t care too much about hygene either. His hair is probably long and shaggy. His body is probably dirty and smelly.

      I’m using the cyclops from the Iliad as an example, but as a writer you have the complete freedom to make your cyclops any way you want.

  1. I enjoyed reading these tips, and found them very well thought out, and quite helpful. Thank you.

  2. Elves are described differently in different passages and books. So are Trolls. For example, the little elves in fairy tales to the fearsome warrior elves by Tolkien. So if i were to use a version of them in a fiction…what version would it be?

    • It would depend on the story you want to write. You can use any version you want and even add a few elements of your own to make them different from Tolkien and others. As a writer, you get to make all the rules. 🙂

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