2 comments on “The Kavakian Empire – Part One Chapter 19

  1. I can see the effort you put into some of the descriptions this chapter 😀 Another thing that really jumps out at me is how changed Jori is forever going to be. I realize at this point that I’m kinda far behind in reading compared to where you are in writing, but if Jori goes back to his father and his home world, he’s going to feel like even more of a misfit than he did before.

    Also, on an unrelated note, I’m sorry it’s been taking me so long in between bouts to read. I get distracted and then forget to come back – you know how it goes. But I’ve set my Reader to email me when you post something new, so hopefully that will keep your story towards the front of my radar. ❤

    • That’s exactly what I wanted to show. Jori is forever changed by this experience. Although part 1 is not as exciting as I’d like it to be (yet), this part is really important because it helps to flesh out who he will be later. You’re really going to love part 2. I think I’m doing a much better job with the characters.

      No worries about getting distracted. I do the same thing… a lot. There are days when I really want to work to get the story out and I become the best writer ever. Then I hit a slump and I have to force myself to work. Plus there are always those real life distractions and you’ve had a doozy. Thanks for keeping me in your radar ❤

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