4 comments on “Still Working on a Weak Plot

  1. I’ve found that leaving little mysteries to be solved later is quiet difficult. I’m an information lover – I want everything up front. So I write that way too, and then have to go back and delete material in the editing process to give that air of mystery and suspense. One of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve utilized is constantly reminding myself to write now and edit later.

    • That’s good advice. I’m having a hard time with doing that, though, because my story is public and I know it’s weak. I want to make it the best it can be right up front. Perhaps I should stop putting so much pressure on myself and just write.

      • Yes, but then I won’t blog anything for a while. The good thing about making it public is it forces me to work on the story, where I might otherwise procrastinate. And it forces me to think about the quality of the story. Just writing is a good thing, but I have to find a balance. Someday I’ll find that balance. I’m sure it’s here somewhere. 😉

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