4 comments on “The Kavakian Empire – Part One Chapter 12

  1. I started off thinking “Woah! Shots fired!” But then I confess my jaw dropped. I totally get that Bracht is angry that his advice has not been heeded and he has a bone to pick with Jori, but wow. I can’t imagine why Arden hasn’t punished him at this point. He went from expressing his own distrust of the princes in the interest of protecting the crew and ship to downright disobedient and defiant.
    /That’s/ not a man you can trust while dealing with a politically delicate situation.

    • True. Perhaps I overdid Bracht. To be honest, I imagined Lt. Worf with Star Trek when I wrote him. He has a verbal temper but exercises restraint when called out on it. I’ll have to think on this more. I don’t want my characters to be too much like Star Trek.

      • Ironically, I pictured Bracht as Worf too, lmao. Which might be why my reaction to Bracht’s actions was so strong. Worf might be vocal about his thoughts, but I don’t think he would ever deliberately disobey Picard.

      • You’re right, he wouldn’t. I didn’t realize I had made it look like Bracht was disobeying. I will take a look. Thanks! :0)

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